Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chiropractic care helps detect disease

Wow! What a terrific feeling! A patient came in earlier this week to thank me "for saving" her life. Did I read her blood work better than her other doctors? No. Did I order some elaborate test that no one else had thought of? No. I did what all well-trained Chiropractors do. I listened to my patient speak. I looked at and watched my patient move. I felt my patient's spine and muscles and understood that that simple bump that would not go away in her the neck was a problem. It turned out to be an enlarged lymph node as the result of Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Chances looked dim but my patient's spirit was strong and combining some natural therapy with traditional cancer care my patient is one year past chemo, cancer free and looks better than ever and looks forward to her future! The lesson here? Listen to the body. Yours as a patient and theirs as the doctor. Understand what normal is and don't wait for pain or other symptoms to drag you into the doctor's office. When your function is down it is time to find out why and not wait for the symptoms to show. Symptoms are often the last thing to show and the first thing to go away. Who should go to a Chiropractor for an adjustment? Let's start with everyone that has a spine. Your spine, just like the teeth in your mouth, needs care whether there are symptoms or not.

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Dr. Andy Smith

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  1. Update 3/10/2017:
    4 years later and she is still doing well and enjoying life! More than 5 years cancer free is a huge celebration for all!