Friday, December 18, 2015


My Mom & The Dorito Effect

      Forty or so years ago my mother, Diana Smith, announced that we would no longer be buying canned tomato soup.This was very upsetting to me as Campbell's or even Pathmark brand tomato soup with its super starchy taste was always a favorite on a cold, wintry day or as an occaisional treat.
  My Mom's reasoning was that the store bought canned tomato soup always tasted the same while homemade tomato soup's taste varied by type of tomato used, ripeness of the tomato, even time of year the tomatoes were purchased. My Mom was not sure what was being done to the soup, possibly adding corn starch or maybe a chemical but she was sure this was not healthy and if we wanted tomato soup she would be glad to make it from scratch.

To Be Continued shortly...

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  1. Part 2 in this series now available to read. Please enjoy and comment. Thank you, Dr. Andy