Monday, February 1, 2016

Such a beautiful letter from a patient came to me today on Facebook. I thought I would share it so that others can know what Chiropractic can do for them. Dr. Andy


Nadine DeVries Weise My favorite Chiropractor is:
Dr. Andy Smith!

Without his skills I would be walking with two canes in constant extreme pain. Some days not being able to walk at all.

Most of my pain is gone due to his skills.

I still have some pain and need to use one cane due to a fall that damaged my knees and back but I'm in the least amount of pain since the fall.

My asthma is much better I can feel the difference instantly when he works on the right spot. It is more noticeable and effective than using my inhaler.

Too bad I can't carry him around in my pocketbook.

My range of motion has also improved making it more possible to take care of my personal needs.

My diabetic neuropathy in my feet is so much less and my knees don't click in and out since he started to adjust them.

My jaw was having a problem with alignment and I didn't even tell him about it. He knew which direction to adjust it. It only took one adjustment and the tension is gone.

Thank you,
Dr. Andy Smith

Denville Chiropractic Associates

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